HomeCare, Home Care, Homecare Derby, Elderly Care, Independent Living, Care At Home


Office hours are 8:30am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

Support hours are normally 7:30am - 10pm seven days a week. Please contact us for specific requirements as we may be able to accommodate them.


We are usually able to provide care within 48 hours of you getting in touch with us.

It can be difficult to accept that you need some help or support. It may be that you need assistance with physical tasks, housekeeping, specific personal care or help following a hospital discharge… whatever it is, a regular visit could make all the difference.


We are here for you.

HomeCare, Home Care, Homecare Derby, Elderly Care, Independent Living, Care At Home

For people of all ages, we offer:

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Visits: We can aid or carry out preparation, cooking, washing up and feeding.

  • Domestic Support: We are on hand to support you with general housekeeping, washing and drying clothes, changing beds, ironing, dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, washing up and feeding or caring for your pet.

  • Accompaniment to Appointments: Whether it be in the waiting room only, or inside the treatment room, we are there for you. We can provide an extra ear, helping pick up any information you might be worried about missing.​

HomeCare, Home Care, Homecare Derby, Elderly Care, Independent Living, Care At Home
HomeCare, Home Care, Homecare Derby, Elderly Care, Independent Living, Care At Home
  • Collection of Medication and Application of Prescribed Lotions and Creams: The stress of running out of your medication can be alleviated when you can depend on our friendly Care Givers to pick it up for you before they visit. Our Care Givers can assist you with administering medication, as well as provide support with mobility or physiotherapy exercises you may have been given. They can also provide medication prompts.​

  • Befriending, Sit Sessions, Day Trips and Excursions: We will try to pair you with a Care Giver who shares the same interests as you so that they can accompany you to lunch or dinner with your relative, the meeting of friends, attending a craft club or even an exercise class. Providing emotional support as well as encouragement and reassurance can alleviate mental health struggles.

  • Shopping: A weekly shop need not feel laborious. Our Care Givers will happily accompany you to the supermarket, or even enjoy browsing some local shops with you.

  • Continence, Catheter and Stoma Care: Having continence troubles or a catheter or stoma doesn’t mean that you can’t live independently and comfortably at home. All our Care Givers are trained to support continence care of all types, whether that be changing continence pads, cleaning intimate areas, managing a catheter or supporting you with a stoma. If accidents happen, count on us to be there, provide support and respect your dignity.

  • Assistance with Using Public Transport: Navigating public transport and reading timetables, which may otherwise seem daunting.​

  • Admin and Organisation: Helping you organise a pile of letters, documents or statements, and assisting you in actioning these if you so wish. Our Care Givers can make dinner reservations for you, or research local attractions which you may find interesting.

  • Rapid Response Care: We are on hand to begin supporting you within 24 hours of a quick call and in a crisis, we can usually turn this around quicker with Service Users requiring even the most complex of needs.

  • Personal Care: Activities including skincare regimes, oral hygiene and dental care, hair care, foot care, make-up application, shaving support, dressing, showering, bathing and bed-bathing and toileting can all be made less stressful with the help of a Care Giver. We will assist you when moving positions in bed to help prevent sores. We believe in the importance of a continuous service and the same familiar faces when it comes to personal care.

  • Palliative or End of Life Care: It can be distressing to see how a terminal illness is affecting a loved one. We can provide specialist palliative care so your family can make the most of your time together. We frequently work alongside a variety of organisations including hospices, support groups, continuing health care teams and district nurses.

  • Respite Care Visits: As a family carer, there are times when you need to take a break, perhaps to enjoy an evening or day out, or longer, to go on a short break or a holiday. Everybody needs some time for themselves, even more so when they care for someone else. For a just a few hours each day or each week, we can assist you to alleviate any possible pressure.

Firstly, get in touch by whichever means suits you most – call, request a call back, email or write to us. We'll start the ball rolling with an informal conversation to address any support required to enable us to properly understand your situation.


A Care Giver will arrange a home visit to meet you and begin writing up a support plan based on your individual and unique needs. The support plan is the keystone to the service provided to you, and will cover medication to mobility, issues to routines, allergies to health and safety. We also assess whether any additional mobility aids or adaptations are needed for your home and help you through this process. The support plan can be, and will be, adapted as and when support needs change over time.


Your support plan will provide important contact details. These contacts, alongside the Care Giver supporting you, will be there should you require any additional assistance. From this point on we will give you our word and provide you with the best possible support to enable you to live as independently as possible.


Call today to discuss your requirements and get a full quote for support and/or care. Our friendly team are here during hours of operation to take your call. Your quote will be finalised once your Care Giver has visited you at home to confirm your support plan.

The process.

How much does care cost?

We value the importance of being transparent from the outset when it comes to support and care fees. Below is a simple and straight-forward guide which we hope will take some of the stress out of planning for the future:

  • We ensure that our rates are competitive and relevant to you - or your loved ones - needs. Prices do depend upon visit location, specific care needs, and weekend and bank holiday support.

  • We offer a completely free consultation at a time of your choosing, here we will discuss in detail any support and care requirements you may have.

  • We accept Social Care Funding through your local authority for care. We also accept top-up payments if applicable which give you the flexibility to choose your own care provider. You can organise this care yourself and pay for it directly, topping up payments where needed.

HomeCare, Home Care, Homecare Derby, Elderly Care, Independent Living, Care At Home