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About us.

Personal Care, Domiciliary Care

Independent Living is a small, respectful and responsive home care service provider delivering quality, person-centred care in the local area. We are extremely proud to support those living in a 15-mile radius from Shardlow, Derbyshire.


Here at Independent Living, we believe every individual should have the option to stay at home in a familiar environment if they so wish, no matter their health condition or lifestyle needs. We will strive to maintain your everyday routines, hobbies and interests essential for good mental health and wellbeing. Sometimes it is hard to accept that a helping hand is needed, but after all, an afternoon browsing local shops for example, could be much more enjoyable when there’s somebody there to share the experience with.


Working with your support circle (including other professionals, such as your GP, District Nurse, Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist), we will ensure we curate the right package of care for you.

We are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and with this regulation comes compliance (and therefore peace of mind). Founder and Manager, Jay McNicol, is Registered Manager with the CQC, which means he is authorised to arrange and manage home care. For more information on CQC and regulation click here. Rest assured, staff at Independent Living are highly knowledgeable – they have a combined 70+ years of hands-on industry experience delivering first-class home care within a globally recognised charity as well as the NHS across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.


When you surround yourself with positive people, anything is possible. We listen and understand. Together we empower each other. We are, and we promote Independent Living. 

Our aims.

We make a positive impact on those we support, enhancing their lives. Our highly trained staff provide non-pressurised support via visits which last a minimum of one-hour. This ensures that we can provide quality care without the need to rush, enabling Care Givers to spend that little bit of extra time with you.


Excellence every time.

Why choose us?

  • We regularly undertake internal audits to check for compliance and to see if our aims are being reflected in practice.

  • Service Users feedback provides us with an independent review. We ensure actions are taken where necessary and followed through.

  • We frequently revise practices, policies and procedures to ensure that Service Users are receiving the best possible service available.

  • Our Care Givers are direct employees of Independent Living. We never use agency staff. This ensures we are providing care to the highest standard.

  • As direct employees, we manage each Care Giver’s pay and benefits, including their holiday pay, pension contributions, overtime and travel expenses. Each member of staff has an assigned line manager and mentor; someone to go to with concerns or if they themselves need extra support.

HomeCare, Home Care, Homecare Derby, Elderly Care, Independent Living, Care At Home
HomeCare, Home Care, Homecare Derby, Elderly Care, Independent Living, Care At Home
  • Our staff undergo rigorous training, allocating time to their professional development in order continue learning. They are highly experienced and know the theory and practical skills needed to provide quality home care. We encourage a learning culture at Independent Living and ensure we have the right staff to meet the needs of our Service Users.

  • Our Care Givers are DBS checked and are required to go through a thorough recruitment programme. We won’t let you down.

  • Our care plans are person-centred and have our Service Users right at the centre.

  • We are responsive and reliable, also flexible. Rest assured we have time to meet your needs, offering one-hour visits as a minimum. Our Care Givers use a smart and secure mobile application to track and monitor each home care visit, quickly and easily logging their time.

HomeCare, Home Care, Homecare Derby, Elderly Care, Independent Living, Care At Home